Our Programs

We currently offer a 3 Day Program:

  • 3 Day Programs: Monday, Wednesday, Friday -- 9am to 2pm

    • Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year: $320 a month

    • Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year for Harpeth Presbyterian Church members: $300

Please contact our Preschool Director, Dana Groos, for more information or registration forms.


Little Dippers
Starting at 18 months

The Little Dipper class focuses on cognitive, physical and social-emotional development through interest center based play and hands-on experiences.   


3 Year Olds


The Sunshine class focuses on all areas of development, including self-help, through learning centers and hands-on experiences.  Concepts introduced in the Little Dipper class are expanded on in the Sunshine class.

Young 4 Year Olds


The Rainbow class is a kindergarten prep class that focuses on all developmental aspects of learning through instruction and hands-on experiences.  This class has students who move on to the Rising Star class and students who move on to kindergarten depending on the age of the child.

Rising Stars
Older 4 Year Olds and Young 5 Year Olds

The Rising Star class focuses on fine-tuning skills in preparation for kindergarten, including fine-motor, literacy, independence, and handwriting as well as the continuation of social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development through instructional and hands-on learning.