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Our Programs

We currently offer a 3 Day Program:

  • 3 Day Programs: Monday, Wednesday, Friday -- 9am to 2pm

    • Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year: $330 a month

    • Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year for Harpeth Presbyterian Church members: $310

Aftercare is offered Mondays and Wednesday until 3pm

  • $10 per child per day

Please contact our Preschool Director, Hilarie Zimbicki, for more information or registration forms.


Little Dippers
Starting at 18 months

The Little Dipper class focuses on cognitive, physical and social-emotional development through interest center based play and hands-on experiences.   


3 Year Olds


The Sunshine class focuses on all areas of development, including self-help, through learning centers and hands-on experiences.  Concepts introduced in the Little Dipper class are expanded on in the Sunshine class.

Young 4 Year Olds


The Rainbow class is a kindergarten prep class that focuses on all developmental aspects of learning through instruction and hands-on experiences.  This class has students who move on to the Rising Star class and students who move on to kindergarten depending on the age of the child.

Rising Stars
Older 4 Year Olds and Young 5 Year Olds

The Rising Star class focuses on fine-tuning skills in preparation for kindergarten, including fine-motor, literacy, independence, and handwriting as well as the continuation of social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development through instructional and hands-on learning. 

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