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Little Dippers

Whether we are going through a crazy virus or not staying healthy and washing hands are things we work on all year. Here is a fun way to remind them! 


Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge | @Baby Shark Official


A great fine motor activity is for your child to peel the paper off of crayons. We do this often,  just give them a container for the paper scraps. You may have to start a few but it keeps them busy!


Putting paper on a tree and having them stand to color/paint is a great way to extend outside time!

Story time with Ms. Jessica

Happy Easter week!


Here are a few of my favorite games :

  • Do an egg hunt but have them hunt for specific colors(great inside or out)

  • Set up the eggs to knock down with a water spray bottle (set to stream not mist)

  • Jump like a bunny in pillowcases 

  • Fill a shallow tub with water and plastic eggs, having them scoop them out with a pasta spoon. 

  • Play memory by hiding small toys in plastic eggs. The more eggs you use the more difficult it will be.  


Here is a link to a few more:


Here is a fun Bunny Hokey Pokey:

Maybe they can burn off a little energy with all of this. Have fun!

Open Close Them Song

Counting 1-10 in English & Spanish

The 7 Days of Creation

Fun Easter Snack! (Click for link)

Peeps Preschool Easter Snack.jpg

Brown Bear read by Ava

Frog and Friends

Snuggle Puppy

A Hungry Caterpillar

Green Eggs and Ham

Llama Llama Red Pajama

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